FOREVER ORDER(Cash Equity) - Issue When placing a sell order


I have placed a forever order before market opened and as soon as the market opened, forever order is triggered and order is executed at the exchange.

Now, when I tried to place a stop loss forever order, I get a message that “Insufficient Holding Quantity”. Agreed that I dont have the stock in my demat but cant I place a forever order for open positions?

Please advise.


Hi @ekveer,

The Forever sell order will be only allowed for the portfolio shares which is on T+1 working day. For same day position, you can use normal/simple stoploss which will suffice your requirement.

Thanks Poornima for your reply.

Agreed with what you are saying. However, I have to place an order today and place another FOREVER order tomorrow without failure.

If possible, please upgrade the functionality in future versions so that 1 single FOREVER order is sufficient for positions which are not in demat yet and even when positions when moved to demat.

Even better, if I can place a OCO Stoploss and Target FOREVER orders at the time of BUY order.

Once BUY order is executed, OCO Stoploss and Target FOREVER orders will be created automatically.


True, I had also posted about it on another topic as well.

The current forever order on sell side for equity is half baked. Have to place 2 orders - one on the day of buying position and another the next day.

No option to add it from positions either, have to go to orders section, manually search for the scrip, manually fill in the quantity, manually select sell side instead of the default buy even though the position is already bought. Lots of improvement needed on forever orders. @Poornima

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I have the similar requirement and it would be great if you could give OCO option at the time of buying itself. Thank you!

Hi @ravi_krishna,

Suggestion noted! We will surely evaluate to add it.

Thank you @Poornima for the response and considering our request for evaluation.

If the development team thinks that it would be difficult to give the OCO option at the time of buying itself, please at least try for the option of providing both stoploss and target (take profit) while placing the forever order of a stock in portfolio (on T+1 day).

As of now, I have to place two forever sell orders, one with stoploss price and another with target or take profit price. When one of these orders get executed, I have to manually cancel the remaining one. Providing both stoploss and take profit in one window in will be very helpful.

Thank you!

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Hi @ravi_krishna,

Noted your suggestion, we will continue to enhance the order placing (Target & Stoploss both).