Found few Bugs that needs to be address

Found 4 Bugs

1)Unable to create more than 10 watchlist(assuming that is the limit, perhaps an message state that would be great) , if its a limit then kindly increase it

2)Unable to add few indices to watchlist like : NIFTYTOTALMKT ,NIFTY DIGITAL INDIA, NIFTY MICRO CAP etc

3)Unable to see/download statement for 13th Feb (Yesterday) , if i recall everyday at 9am trader’s dairy is suppose to be updated but im writing this at 10:30 and i cant see statement nor any detail in trader’s dairy …

4)Sometimes i login, Dhan shows QR code to scan and sometimes i have to type my old pin … just curious whether its a bug or feature(kindly explain)

I don’t want to tag any admin, but I’m expecting prompt response.

How come im getting that PIN option to login when SEBI has made it mandatory for all broker to switch to F2A , like QR code, otp etc?

and how come im not able to see, generate or download ANY of statement for 13th FEB(YESTERDAY)


Hi @Satyam, Dhan follows 2FA authentication - infact launched before the the requirements were made mandatory, when a session requires revalidation - it prompts for PIN only then. It’s not for login.

For specific queries, please connect to our customer service team on

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hi @Tunine, your existing session is running on Dhan on SSO (Single Sign On).

i spoke with ur customer care representative and she wasnt able to deliver this info.
also im not able to download any statement for yesterday, any comment on that ?

Hi @Satyam

Our team is already working on the error for the statement you did not receive, In the meantime, we have sent you the ledger and PNL on your registered email id as discussed over the call.

the report i have received for 13th isn’t showing any entries and is blank.
@PravinJ kindly look into the issue

Hi @Satyam

As discussed over call, the trades are reflected reversely, so the 13th Feb trades done are above the date mentioned. For more queries, please connect

As discussed over call, Kindly fix the statement ASAP.
@JayK Kindly inform me once it’s done.

Hi @Satyam,

The reports & statements for 13th Feb were updated yesterday evening. Do check and let us know.