Found minor UI bug


My “Take a guess - Market games” setting is turned OFF but still I am getting this panel in the home screen. Kindly resolve!


Hi @pratik01,

Thanks for highlighting, this is already fixed on our latest version of Dhan app (1.0.32). Request if you can update your app once.

In case of reoccurrence, request you to drop an email at with the screen recording video so we can have this checked on your specific scenario.



My app is updated to the latest version (glass version)

No, the bug is not resolved.

I had disabled “Take a guess” toggle yesterday but when I opened the app today the take a guess panel was there.

Please check and resolve


Hi @pratik01,

We would certainly like to help.

We request you to drop us an email at with details (screenshot/videos will help). We’ll make sure to look into it with the utmost priority.

Hi @Poornima

Please check the video link.

My Market Guess setting is turned OFF but still it is still visible on the home screen.

Kindly resolve this bug.

Link: XRecorder_22122022_072548.mp4 - Google Drive

Hi @pratik01,

We are having this checked. In the meantime, we request you to share some more details at

Also, please mention your community details on email.

Hi @Poornima

I’ve already shared what’s needed.

Don’t know what more is required from my end.

Let me know! Thanks.

I am also facing the same issue daily.

Hi @pratik01 & @crypvjs,

Since, we are unable to find your registered details, we request you to drop us an email at so we can have this checked.

@Poornima is my registered email with Dhan.

@pratik01 We are getting this checked and will revert you on your registered email id.