Get LTP and Security ID for a particular instrument

Please provide API for getting LTP for a particular instrument.
Also, there is no way to get security id or symbol token using API by searching using symbol of that instrument

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Hi @rahulmr can you share the use-case of this with our team on

ok @PravinJ , although it is very simple. I will send email to the above mentioned email.
I will also describe it here. Please refer link from angel broking here

Basically, use it finding CALL or PUT option for banknifty or nifty which has a premium of say Rs 20/- and then buy both CE and PE which are below Rs 20/- LTP. This is used for call spread put spread like strategies.

Zerodha kite LTP examples are available below


Has this been done? Would like to know if we have an API to fetch the LTP for a security.

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Hey @donisback

We are currently working on improving our API offering. We will evaluate building Quote APIs as well soon.


Maybe following thread could be helpful in resolving your issue.

Security ID and LTP for Options using scrip name


make it soon sir already late