GIFT 1st Month Anniversary

The GIFT Nifty has completed almost a month of operations after being shifted from Singapore to GIFT City, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. A total of 14.7 lakh contracts were traded during this period amounting to a total turnover of $57 billion or Rs 4.72 trillion. Below are the statistics of the previous months in 2023.

Month Contracts Traded Turnover ($ Billion) Turnover (Rs Trillion)
April 870,391 18.02 1.49
May 978,892 18.41 1.52
June 1,220,000 32.00 2.65
July 1,470,000 57.00 4.72

Do you think this would change India’s investing experience in the coming decade? Do share your views on this.


please add this on dhan …would be really helpful.
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All the institutions trading earlier in singapore now came to India. However am not sure how this will help to improve our investing experience. Money comes in and goes out in foreign currency only.

@Archgecko yes we are in the process of getting the data-feed directly from NSEIX.

@t7support Yea FII mainly use GIFT Nifty to hedge. Earlier in SGX there was only SGX Nifty. However in NSEIX, they will get exposure to a number of derivative contracts. Usually FIIs dont trade in SGX, they mainly hedge their risk. So having a wide basket of F&O contracts available to hedge will increase their interest in sector-specific investment.

For instance as an FII I would love to invest in the IT industry of India. But initially I just had an option to hedge my investments only against NIFTY which would not give me an exact correlation. With GIFT NIFTYIT, this problem would be solved. I can easily achieve my correlation factor.

Personally I think this will not affect the index as a whole if any sector/industry faces any troughs of a business cycle.


Insights from GIFT NIFTY:

Check the below data of traded contracts in GIFT NIFTY. The number of contracts traded are massively increasing. The total number of Options Contracts have increased from 6k to 38k just after SGX NIFTY comes to GIFT and from 38k to 42k (with still 17 days left for expiry).

Expiries 27-Jul-23 31-Aug-23 28-Sep-23 26-Oct-23 28-Dec-23 27-Jun-24
Futures 6,62,348 3,72,608 2,11,608 2,600 - -
Options 5,921 38,285 42,446 4,650 755 7,974
Total 6,68,269 4,10,893 2,54,054 7,250 - -
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Expiries 27-Jul-23 31-Aug-23 28-Sep-23 26-Oct-23 28-Dec-23 27-Jun-24
Futures 6,62,348 3,72,608 4,28,281 2,18,577
Options 5,921 38,285 42,735 6,550 1,055 7,974
Total 6,68,269 4,10,893 4,71,016 2,25,127 1,055 7,974

The numbers are picking up at a great pace.

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