GTT Order from chart

Hi Team,

Can you please let me know if it is possible to place GTT order from chart / TV chart ? As this will help in placing order after market hours.

Like placing just buy or sell order on Tradingview or dhan chart but, not for a day instead it should place a GTT order.

Thanks !

Regards, Niteen Singh

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Hi @Niteen, Welcome to Dhan Community.

At this moment, you can place a Forever order from web & application. We have noted your suggestion to add GTT order via charts on Trading view.

When Forever order sell will be live on Dhan web for equity. I can see it on Mobile but curious to know for web as it will be handy to use it.

GTT Sell for equity is live on Web Dhan. Thanks so much. Appriciated your commitment.

Hi @sumeetbhurewar ,

Yes GTT / Forever order from either Dhan or tradingview β€œchart” after market hours.

Thank you !