Hi i want to create a watch list with comma seperated values

Like watchlist is one of the important thing evert trader needs so sometimes there are multiple stocks we want to add in our watchlist but adding them one by one is really boring and time consuming like i want to add them in my watchlist by just pasting them in search box like this


and done so basically this feature is available in tradingview so please try to implement in your system as well that will be really helpful

Hi @omkar ,

Thanks for your suggestion. We will surely evaluate, but would like to know from other traders as well, will it help you if we bring in this feature?

It will be helpful if you add default lists like Nifty50, Banknifty, Sector wise lists and other indices list… we have similar default watchlists in fyers & ICICIdirect apps.

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It will help if you using technical scanners bcs most of screeners allowed to download data in excel files so