Hiring traders and trading in Dhan for large capital


I am trading on big capital and in the process of hiring traders to execute our orders. Is there a prop desk management software that dhan has where we can divide our capital for each trader ? Is forming a company a better way to trade ? We do equity, futures, option buying as well as selling. A single dashboard with all of our capital and multiple traders trading different strategies in it seems difficult to manage.


Hi @Samsingh, Dhan doesn’t have prop trading, we do not trade in our accounts. So no software for same.

For Portfolio Managers - Dhan does have a web-based PMS Execution Terminal with all capabilities that we have on our platforms. This is extended only to SEBI Registered PMS managers.

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Hi @PravinJ

Is there an access preview to this PMS execution terminal? does it support API/programmatic access and also, does it allow to trade on self accounts?

Its here: https://pms.dhan.co/

It works as per PMS regulations of custodians of funds & securities. We do not have open access for this. API / Programmatic access is in works for few partners.

For self trade use APIs on dhanhq.co

dhan authentication failed on pms.dhan.com, so I guess it is privileged only access.

yeah, for the same reason I would like to have Self managing multiple portfolio on Dhan and I am blocked per se in deploying my asset strategies onto dhan. (I am significantly blocked :frowning: )

Yes, its access is available only for PMS accounts only.

do you have a youtube video on pms terminal?

Hi @Kevin, nope. This product is only available for SEBI registered PMS only