Holding P/L after selling

Hi Dhan team,

Why does your platform does not show P/L after selling the holding.

Hi @Sachinkm

We have noted your feedback on this. Meanwhile, you can check this on Trader’s diary

@PravinJ why do you don’t show the p/l for closed holding position. it doesn’t show on app or web.

this is really non sense. I asked your customer care and their simple reply was "Sir please calculate it manually or wait until Monday to see it in P/L. I don’t understand why so many issues.

Hi, not sure why this is to be labelled as an issue or bug. Only post exchange settlement it can be seen. Brokers will always await for settlement to happen and then reflect things in portfolio holdings.

@PravinJ You didn’t get, I’m talking about the below MTM p/l. Where i took a btst trade on Thursday and sold it today and post selling your platform is not showing me the profit or loss on it

And on your web it totally disappears after selling

You should be able to see this in positions tab.

@PravinJ In position, once sold that trade goes in opposite. And I can’t refer to that. Can you explain