How can i See/ download P&L Statement?

I notfied your team about this issue Last year in May
Its been a long time and still i believe this bug isnt resolve.

Your P&L Statement, Tax Reporting, Holding Statement etc doesnt work!!!
They all simply show transaction nothing else.

and when i click on email me statement, i received correct document, but on your Dhan Web - Lightning Fast Online Trading and Investing Platform it doesnt work… kindly fix it ASAP

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@Satyam We are revamping the Statements and Reports section, it is under testing. Once we get a go-ahead on QA front, we would be launching this. We are committed to launch this before this FY. With the new release, the layout on the web is changed and you will be send them to your e-mail (as before) and also download an Excel Sheet for the same.

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before this FY(Financial Year), meaning before 31st March 2023 right?

I Inform about this issue last year in May, its been a REALLY LONG TIME ! and what kind of broker are you if your statement function is broken? Seriously !!

Previously i was very active in this community, have spoken with your team via phone/Google Meet, and given a good amount of my time to support Dhan being best broker in terms of providing facilities which will make trading/investing easy but your team is too KEEN TO LAUNCH NEW FEATURES and attract more customer and all in name of fulfilling customer demand (What a joke!) and have been ignoring the tons of bugs (PLATFORM GETS DAMN SLOW MULTIPLE TIMES AND ITS BEEN REPORTED BY MULTIPLE USERS AND MANY MORE BASIC PROBLEM ARE THERE) and now even basic STATEMENT SECTION IS BUGGY !!


and many more just search in your community, you will find 100s of people informing you about these bugs for last 1 year…

@PravinJ I expect the about mentioned problems to be sorted ASAP , its a critical thing,

I wonder how much pissed my CA would be if i gave him wrong, incomplete P/L Statement , kindly fix it BEFORE FY @iamshrimohan

@Satyam Your concern is valid and our team is already working on fixing this issue. I will personally ensure that I reach out to you as soon as it is fixed. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks, i will be awaiting for this notification

Awaiting for its launching before FY ending.

PnL statement is screwed up now. All my commodity trades except one has vanished from the statement. We are reaching towards the end of this FY. We need a proper PnL and Tax PnL report for filling taxes. Please fix this ASAP :pray:


Hi @t7support

We have your concern.

Our team is already working on it, and we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

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Thanks @Divyesh. Hope to get a resolution soon…

Hi @t7support

We would appreciate it if you could please pull out the profit and loss statement again and confirm.

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Thanks. Now my commodity trades are reflecting. Appreciate the quick fix.

Any update? FY ending is close.

@Satyam just a few couple of fixes and it would be launched soon. Possibly by next week.



I want to upload my financial year report to Mprofit I want a report on the equity segment containing a few details which are missing in your CSV reports.
I have attached a photocopy of all details.
You should make this a default report as it will help all other traders also

Thanks for quick response,

Hi @HIR the SS you sent seems to be an AGTS (Annual Global Transaction Statement). This report is mandatory for every broker to send to the client within 30 days of the FY closing by SEBI. You will receive this report from Dhan.

What about when April month ends and I want April 23 report? Can’t wait for next financial year to end to get the same format report.

Hi @HIR with the present architecture, we are only able to extract the AGTS for the given FY. Sooner we will enable this feature on the Statements and Reports section where you can extract the AGTS. However, for now if you need the April 23 report, do mail us at post the month end, will mail you the same.