How can i See/ download P&L Statement?

im switching back to ZERODHA , i don’t know when your team will fix your statement section , its so much embarrassing for a hi-fi tech broker like Dhan to not able to fix statement section till now .

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FY 2022 is over, 1st Qtr of 2023 will be over soon,
sorry my patience is over.

@Satyam apologies for the delay here, we are fixing some of the bugs which came up during the testing phase. Meanwhile we have also completely integrated with @quicko. You can download your Tax Computation by Logging into Quicko Portal using Dhan credentials. If you need any assistance, feel free to get in touch with @quicko and also you can connect with

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I have recently opened an account with Dhan .
Post execution of my trades I am unable to get a correct pnl & tax statement.
Kindly have a look as this is the very basic a trader would require to continue trading with Dhan

Hi @Hiya,

We have shared the details related to P&L on your registered email id. Furthermore, we are actively working on P&L statements and reports. Some of the changes and updates have gone live already and many are work in progress.

p&l statement is worst in Dhan. We cant see our P&L in app / web. other brokers provide direct P&L value in one click. Your app system is worst in report generation.

?? its been what 7 months since i created this thread . , many people are requesting for this since last 2 years .
i dont see lightening fast speed here

quicko calculation seems wrong , also they are down and why should i give my data to them ?

@Satyam share your UCC over DM and if possible the quicko report as well, ill get it checked.

Wht can’t you provide correct pnl & tax reports??
May I know why you aren’t willing to get them corrected?
Maybe you want your customers to forcibly share our financial details with @quicko or @cleartax

@Hiya while we get the PNL live on the Web / App. Do share your UCC over DM, ill get it fetched from the backend and send across to you.

I’m able to download the pnl & tax reports. My concern is that they are incorrect.
The pnl report is not giving charges for equity cash & fno separately.
Tax pnl statements aren’t taking into account some of the charges. So, my concern is that the reports need modifications.
I have highlighted the same by sending a DM over twitter, however, despite acknowledging the issue , no-one is interested in modifying the same

@Hiya As I said, do share your UCC over DM, ill get it fetched from the backend and send across to you.

How can you even not provide a proper P&L report by stock by time period? is it deliberately being played low for a reason? just dumping all transactions log add no value, even I layman can do that reading exchange transactions, what is the value add you are doing a being broker? sorry but you should have some sense it’s about money, every rupee that goes through your system, you should be able to provide proper view of it not just buy & sell order log. I will write to SEBI to mandate certain reports in certain format for every broker

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P&L report just shows the transaction done. Its not showing any P&L.
What is the difference between P&L report & Transaction statement, both are exactly same. Its of no use. What value do we have to enter in the ITR returns if its not available ? It govt mandate to disclose our income. Have put money in Dhan & this basic thing is not available, can’t use it anymore.

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9 months and counting … actually count from 2021 Jan

@Satyam The PNL report was resolved some time ago, and we are currently focused on the Tax PNL. To obtain your PNL Statement, please visit the Statement and Reports section. Your report will be sent to you via email in Excel format to your registered email address.

on your website , Tax Report , P/L Statement , Daily Margin statement & contract Note SHOWS SAME THING !!! STILL BROKEN ! FIX YOUR WEBSITE OR REMOVE THOSE OPTIONS !

@PravinJ When these will be fixed ?

This is basically TRADE HISTORY !
Thus your ax Report , P/L Statement , Daily Margin statement & contract Note on website is STILL BROKEN !

@iamshrimohan hope you got my point