How Dhan builds features and products for its users

Dear Traders & Investors

Almost little over 2+ years of our journey of building Dhan with you, and the feedback loop doesn’t stop :smiling_face_with_tear::pray:

This is my mailbox right now:

We get 100 to 200+ requests daily, these are suggestions and feedbacks from our Traders & Investors everyday, and is outside of all Community & Customer Interactions. Our team reads and responds to each and every one of it - and many of these go to our product roadmap.

We were told that everything that was to be built in Invest-tech was already done, nothing left to innovate or build. We possibly would have given up on the idea of building Dhan, until we started talking and interacting with many Traders & Investors.

All of this goes back to building our product roadmap for 2024, that we disclosed here: Focus 2024: Upcoming Features on Dhan for Traders & Investors

Keep it coming, let’s make the best possible trading & investing platform out there.

Thank you


Thank you Pravin for building Dhan.

For all practical purposes, I have ditched Zerodha and invest 100% via Dhan. (MF - I do via Kuvera and won’t begin/transfer here unless it’s live on desktop/web in SOA format.)

If it matters, I am a semi-active swing trader and investing since 2013. No intraday or FnO.

Keep listening to all your users and I’m sure you will achieve your business goals soon.