How do you analyze your trades?

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In trading, or in fact, in any profession I believe to get better at the outcomes you are getting it’s important to analyze your inputs. For traders, not all trading days are same - some strategies might work giving you outsized returns or not work at all. How do you analyze your loss / profit making trades?

On Dhan, we created the Trader’s Diary where you can add your notes. @Shriram has written in detail about creating your trading journal - The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Trading Journal | Dhan Blog

Share your approach to monitor trades and becoming a disciplined trader here :point_down:


Code, Backtest, Deploy is my approach. So all analysis goes in to system development when it is being developed. After that I fire and forget. I will review only if for some reason the live results go out of the backtester set bounds.


The thing is that strategy never fails I guess just flip the chart upside down and you will see your strategy working but just against you but we not ready to take the pain of loss early its not easy no one want’s to take that pain peoples are optimistic in loss they think they will get their money back and afraid in profits thinking they will loose what they earned