How does one withdraw money?

How does one withdraw money? Is it allowed?
Also when I reach the Money tab - On the right top side I see Rs 50000 in BIG FONT !! Just on top of it are the words - MONEY IN DHAN !!

This is utterly false information.

Apparently, this is the amount Dhan wants me to add to my account!!

The money that I have in my account is mentioned in a much smaller font!

Who in the world designs such misleading site designs???

I can’t attach pictures here or else I would have gladly attached a screenshot!

In any case, my basic question is, Is withdrawing money allowed? How do I apply for it? What address I need to post the documents?

Hi @EmmDee,

Usually, we show the last added amount in the “Add Money” section its the default view. Moreover, you can place withdrawal request from the given path : Login To Dhan App > Money > Funds > Withdraw to Bank.

We are located here

Can we do it on website too?

Hi @EmmDee, Yes on website too.

I would request you to spend some time exploring the product, it seems you are connecting with us across all forums - community, chat, feedback and customer service to. You can share your consolidated feedback to us on

There are hundreds of things one can do on Dhan and many other websites. I do whatever I can do. I have been using websites since 1999 or earlier. If your website was use friendly I wouldn’t have had to ask you questions here.

If you have noticed I have asked only 3 or 4 questions and you are already bored with those.

Once again, I had to waste my time asking help here because after looking for the thing I was looking for for a while, I still couldn’t find it. I can’t help if you have made the site with glaring misleading situations as well as horrible user experiences - that I have already mentioned.

Instead of accusing me of inability of using a website you should think about Why anyone is facing this problem.

I can easily challenge you on the issues I have raised and I am 100% sure your senior team will have to agree with my observations.

Anyway. Help me if you can.