How much do we pay in data to watch IPL?

Let’s try to answer this in this 1-min read.

An IPL match is 3.5 hours on average, which consumes 3.6GB of data for SD display. One GB in India costs around 10 rs. So roughly, 36 rs. is spent to watch an IPL match, on one device.

If we assume, 40-50 lakh devices watch the IPL matches, approximately 18 crores rs is spent on data alone per IPL match, and in total, we have 74 IPL matches this season, so the number would go beyond 1300 crores in data alone. Pretty sure, JIO makes half of it in revenue from it.

Now, if we assume that the nation is watching it on 4K, the number would go beyond the roof!

Seems like it wasn’t that bad a decision to stream IPL for free by JIO, given that we add the advertisement income.


@KunalShah ,

At the same time, growth rate of new mobile subscribers has been slowing down significantly over the years.

Any idea why?

I think it is more to do with the bigger base that we have reached. So the further penetration in absolute number is still happening, but % wise, it is the bigger base.


yeah, generally that’s the usual way of looking the growth over the years.

In general for comparison,

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MACAU way ahead … interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Population, Per capita income, and other macros, also play an essential role here.

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Interesting, Nice study :slightly_smiling_face: