How to adjust trading view charts in case of corporate event

Please tell how can i adjust the trading view charts in dhan web or app in case of corporate event like bonus or split

Hi @Ashu

Can you share on which charts you have seen a discrepancy?

There was split in Tata steel on 28 july but i didn’t see any kind of adjustment in the trading view chart

Noted @Ashu. We will have this looked into.

Not yet sorted please sort it .

Hi @Ashu

This is updated not. Request you to please check and confirm.

Thank you it is updated now :pray:

@PravinJ There are still many instances where the chart is not updated after the split such as BLS International, Maharastra Seamless. Though I have asked the support team to get them corrected. They did so for Easy Trip and told that in next release it will be done. Seems like this should be an automatic activity and it should imporve the charting experience and there should not be any doubt in the chart we are seeing.


Absolutely. It still happens. Should not take that much time to adjust.