How to automatically set target for basket orders?

I use tradingview automated strategies for dhan and all the trades happen automatically but with my new strategy i have to exit at a specific target for every trade[eg like target is current price + 2 for every order] so i have to use market order always since its automated now can i know how to set this up?

Hi @anandd ,

Can you share more details on this.

Have you tried using Bracket order, wherein you can place Target and Stop Loss along with the initial order.

I cant find bracket order anywhere tho do i need to do anything to enable it?

HI @anandd,

This is available for Intra-day (under Trading). For normal, once you place an order, you may use Forever OCO feature to place target and stop loss.

yes it is available but not in basket intraday its only available normally i use baskets for tradingview webhooks