How to fetch margin required using DHANHQ API

Hello Team,
I am looking for the API’s by which i can fetch the margin required to buy a stock on intraday basis.
For e.g. I have INR 50000/- and i want to see how much quantity i can buy with this amount.

Alternatively, i also need to check how much money is required to buy 100 quantity of any stock in intraday.


Hello @AmitKumar

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Currently, we do not have a Margin API available, but it is on our roadmap. Also, if you want to check the funds available in your account, then you can use Fund Limit API for the same.

Thanks! @Hardik ,

I have couple of more questions:

  • I receive below error while placing Bracket order using API, what should be done in this case, any example would be appreciated.
    EXCH:16283:The order price is not multiple of the tick size.

  • Below error also appear sometime while placing BO, it seems below error appear, as the Stop loss should be equal or greater than 1% for intraday stocks. right?
    "Trigger_price Not In Range

Hello @AmitKumar

Here’s the answer to your questions:

  1. This might come when the input price is not in the multiple of 0.05 as that is the tick size of contract.
  2. This error appears if you have not defined Trigger Price field in the API request.