How to get 5 min candle data using API?

hi Team,

I am exploring Dhan API for my algo setup. I am not finding an API to get 5 min candle data of previous days. Evaluated intraday_daily_minute_charts api, but it is providing 1 min data for current day. Is there a way to get 5 min candle data of previous days?

Hi @adityashiva

We only provide 1min historical data for the current day and daily chart data for the previous days for all equity, index and futures. Alternatively, there is a manual way to download historical data.

Dhan needs to more improvement in API. @Angelone is the best option for user if they want to go API data.

Hi @Prashant_Panchal Welcome to Dhan community.

It would be great if you can share specific feedback on how we can improve.

Its actually a low low bar wrt API :point_down:

Hi @VijayNair It’s on our list to do. We will ship Market Feeds API soon, work in progress at our end.

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