How to Plot Buy Signal - Pine Script

r1 = plot(highUsePivot, color=change(highUsePivot) ? na : #FF0000, linewidth=3, offset=-(rightBars+1), title=“Resistance”)

This line Plot Blue Line and it works fine.

how can i plot “Buy” text below R1

Hi @HelpKaran ,

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Pine script is an exclusive feature of tradingview, and it doesn’t get extended to the partners. Apologies, we won’t be able to provide best guidance to you in this manner.

i understand ur point and i know that it wont be extended and i am already premium member of TradingView.

would be great help if you check with any expert how to plot buy text based on above.

if i am premium member Trading view can i run connect with dhan and run trigger base buy.

can i be sub broker, i hv 1200 sqft place in mumbai.

Hi @HelpKaran

Yes, you can do that using the free webhooks that Dhan provides. You will find the detailed explanation for same below.

For single order: Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

For Basket order: Introducing: Now execute your Basket Orders via webhooks on TradingView

Rahul, I am CPR trader.

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Dhan is one of the best trading platform.

I would like to get associated with DHAN too share my TRADING knowledge with Dhan Community.

Let me know how can I get associated with you.