Huge Difference in Margin required for Option Selling

Can Dhan team may please explain why Huge Difference in Margin required for Option Selling.
Refer snapshot below

It’s a huge difference.

Margin required for hedged leg is almost equal to individual leg.

Is Option premium received taken into account

Pls share calculation how it is derived.

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@bsjhala Thanks for your feedback. Few hedge scenarios are being optimized and should be updated by the end of the month.

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There is some issue in your margin calculation module.

Pls refer snapshot below.

I put 4lot of bnf put calendar in basket , margin amount showing was 1,36,821.

Immediately on executing basket order margin used is 1,75,000/-

Pls check and rectify at earliest, as there is huge difference between basket margin and actual margin.

Further margin required by dhan is much higher than other brokers.

For option sellers , margin utilisation is very important.

It shd be taken up on top most priority.

As I guess this issues is raised couple of times earlier also.


No response from Team Dhan .

Pls clarify , what’s the issue.

For a option seller, proper utilisation of fund is must.

I think there is issue with margin calculation module.

Basket margin calculation is different than actual margin which is different than EOD margin.

Pls rectify and clarify on priority basis.

Still my querr is unresolved

My query is still unresolved.

Hi @bsjhala

We are working on optimizing the same and will keep you posted.


Pls optimize the same.

But pls share the calculation.

And clarify why there is gap.

What is the cause of the difference.

Pls do it on priority because if margin utilisation is not proper there is no gain in sticking to Dhan for options trading.

Some observation on margin used after taking the options selling hedged position,

After one day of taking the same position in Dhan and Zerodha, I find that Dhan is showing margin used 4K lesser than Zerodha.



However, on the day of trade, Dhan was showing 12k more than Zerodha


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