Huge Difference in TV+Dhan & ZerodhaTV chart

Why Approx 170 points difference in high of first 5 mint candles in TV+Dhan and Zerodha TV. which one is correct?
TV+Dhan: High 43771

Zerodha TV: High 43607

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Hi @rinku, Request you to go through this: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

We have explained how charting systems work here, it would across all platforms.

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Its old issue…
Dhan team confirmed in google meet.
I show them on 4th may side by side live chart formation and they confirmed there is some issue but nothing changed or upgraded…
Let’s see when they solve this old pending issue until im trading in zerodha.

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Hi @kishan_hadiyal Basis of your assumption is that a competing broker has correct data and we do not. The right way to look at this is to compare data that comes from exchanges with charts displayed on Dhan, it matches always. That’s how charts work… you can also confirm this with any of the charting platform or with exchanges.

The query that few users had earlier was the live candle that was formed from exchange data was reset on page or chart refresh and open / high value would be reset on refresh, we already have resolved this.

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OHLC changing on refresh not resolved.

Do u have any recent video proof ?? then post it plz… so we all can be benefited.

Hi @Varsha777

Here is the video for your reference. Hope this helps.


@Varsha777 @PravinJ
They will claim its fixed. But its not. You can see open value changing on each reload untill 1 minute complete after each candle formation.