Huge margin difference than other brokers

Showing too much margin for hedging on same positions

Shift buy legs on top in basket… Zerodha limits the buy first due to broker limit being reached. This limitation is not reached for Dhan yet, so you can easily initiate buy legs first here, which will reduce your upfront margin requirement

Even if buy legs at top, is is still showing the same margin amount
@Dhan @PravinJ
Can you please share more details about this

Hi @Amol,

Thanks for highlighting. We are working to optimize the hedge benefit in case there are multiple option sell legs.


I just noticed this in strategy builder as well!! does the issue persists even if legs were initiated separately as in 1 buy 1 sell then another buy and another sell??

@JayK @PravinJ yes i try to shift 1 cr worth of stock and gsec to Dhan but - in stock the haircut value is much higher then zerodha , if i shift all holding Dhan is taking extra 10 lakhs haircut from me, so i skip currently to shifting to Dhan - in haircut practice already clearing member clearly mention the haircut, then why you people taking extra haircut,

when you take more haircut, i will reduced my ROI, in this matter ZERODHA is best - they the same haircut form clearing corporation passing to zerodha clients

for example SJVN haircut in zerodha is 16% in dhan 25%
All stock extra 10% we need to pay haircut to dhan , you are not passing the same haircut to dhan client its big disadvantage - extra 10 % haircut paying to dhan i will loose lot of oppourtuniy in market - its far better in Zerodha -
Clever people think before shifting to dhan about haircut value
even in hedging also dhan is taking more margin - i know because i have a account with dhan

@PravinJ please check the haircut value of zerodha i attacked a list here

Approved list of Securities at Zerodha. - Google Sheets

Now i stopped trading opton in Dhan because of margin difference and haircut value more

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HI @riyas2831, @erankitjain,

Thanks for your feedback. We review our RMS policy timely and update the haircut as well. Note that each broker has different policy based on their risk assessment and features.

For example, we offer option buying based on pledge margin, which is not offered by many big players in the industry.