I cannot place sell and buy orders simultaneously

I purchased 500 shares of ITC last week @ 526/-. Today morning I sold 300 shares @ 532/- and placed an order to sell 200 @ 534/- shares. I wanted to place an order to buy 300 shares of ITC at a lower price of 525/- again. But the system is rejecting my request. I was able to do so on Zerodha. Please rectify or clarify the issue.

Hi @ManishThatte, Welcome to Dhan Community.

We have updated our policy on Trading Limits and Order Management when you Sell Stock Holdings. We have notified this in app & web platform for all the user’s.

Here is the full community post link for your reference :

It means we can sell our CNC (holding ) stocks when we are again buying same stock can we buy as intraday then we can convert into Delivery …If we do that, will there be a shortage or will everything be as usual? Please clarify …Thanks

Hi @farz, Welcome to Dhan Community !

In such scenario، you shall be unable to convert intraday to delivery. Hence, there will be no auction penalty.

We are optimizing this use case for intraday conversion to delivery and will update in the next build.

Confirmed with other leading brokers as well. None of them put any such restriction as Dhan. Why the rules would be different in Dhan?
Such a great trading platform Dhan is, but with restriction like this, trades on Dhan will get hindered.