Iceberg order how to exit

Hello I read about iceberg order in Dhan community but i have doubt that if i order in limit price order In F&O if quantity 2500 and number of legs is 2 than all the order will execute in limit price ?
And second doubt in normal order i exit F&0 position by one click in Exit Position, but in iceberg order how can i exit by one click because there is 2 legs i have to click it manually or ?

hi @Joyjit Welcome to Dhan community.

  1. On Iceberg orders, you can place orders with Market or Limit price as defined by you. Dhan allows you to slice orders instantly in upto 99 legs.
  2. Once you take a position, you can exit it in single-tap. Go to positions, tap on the position that has your position and tap on Exit Position. It will be executed in the single-click but two legs.

Note: Auto-slicing will happen when quantity is beyond freeze-limits. Otherwise where there is no need to slice the order, you can send as single order or multiple orders as long as lot size => 5.

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