I'm new to this community

Hello everyone I’m new to this dhan community, can anyone tell me what I can do here ! Is this discussion forum ? Do we have any application for this ?

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U can share your review here about dhan app/web platform

Any error/technical glitches you find
Any new idea you know u can share here
Many more


Hi @Meetshah1311

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

Our community is an open forum for all the traders & investors to share their ideas on trading & investing. A lot of users also share their suggestions & feedback about Dhan products and we really look upto it.

Community is the first place, where we update about all the initiatives that we are taking at Dhan to help traders make better trades like feature announcements, infographics, Dhan Meet & Greet updates, partnerships announcement & much more.

The best part about community is the interaction we get to have with a market enthusiast like you. Right from me to @PravinJ ( Founder & CEO, Dhan) go thoroughly through everyone’s post, evaluating & also inculcating the suggestions in our product roadmap.

We hope that you will be able to get good insights & information about the markets here.

Keep contributing to the community :smiley: