Import & Export option in Watchlist

Kindly add Import & Export option in Watchlist using symbol names

Yes im aware that watchlist can be downloaded in csv format but its useless since is not providing SYMBOL name

Here many have asked for this BASIC feature months ago and still nothing is done!


Hi @Satyam

The export/download as CSV from watchlist feature displays the scrip name as per the platform. We have noted your suggestion to show symbol name.

Further, we have mentioned the details below for export watchlist feature :

@Sameet I belive you can start with NSE symbol name that is easy to start. Also, why searching most of the time symbol are not searchable and we need to go with the company name. But this is a much needed feature. Otherwise we need to rely on the original trading view plateform. I am not saying we can not use your plateform but Time to add the scripts is too much as we run scanner every day probably screen almost 100-200 stocks and see who sets up to trade. Adding this much number takes a 30 -45 min process which can be done in 1 min using excel. Please provide a way around this. No Indian borker provide this as far as I know except But lots of expectation from you.

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@Sameet I Agree with @nx.vijay opinion you only need to let the user insert Stock Nse symbols using a CSV format which I don’t think will need any extra logic.

this is an essential feature i have not yet moved to dhan yet but if this feature is included i will happy to move completely


Fyers is one step ahead provides export and import feature


@PravinJ Fyers implemented import / export feature on watchlist , i wish dhan can implement the same soon. Thanks

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yes I like Fyers for this, they even have Default wachlists + unlimited wachlists & they even allow to add any strike price into watchlist just by 1 click…