Important Update Regarding 50% Off on Brokerage for Women Traders

Hi Community,

At Dhan, we firmly believe that it is necessary to create a supportive environment and encourage more women to participate in capital markets, either as investors or traders. That’s why we decided to launch an important initiative on Women’s Day 2022: 50% off on brokerage for Women Traders.

We were delighted to see that the initiative was well received by several SuperWomen, leading to significantly more female participants trading and investing on the Dhan platform. The initiative was also praised by leading women such as Vineeta Singh, CEO - Sugar Cosmetics, Radhika Gupta, MD - Edelweiss AMC, and Anjali Bansal, Founder - Avaana Capital.

While our intention was to support and encourage Women Traders, and we continue to do that; unfortunately, it has come to our attention that some of the accounts, while they were opened in the name of women / female account holders, are operated and managed by men purely to take advantage of reduced brokerage fees. It is also important to note that as per existing guidelines and regulations, it is necessary that individuals should use and operate their own investing and trading accounts.

Going forward, for any accounts on Dhan where we identify that usage of accounts is breached, we will convert such accounts to normal brokerage accounts, and in such cases brokerage plans will be updated from Rs 10 to Rs. 20 per order. We’ve identified a handful of individuals breaching this policy and the same have been updated to usual brokerage plans.

As much as we would like to continue with this initiative, we are disheartened to see first-hand that a well-intentioned initiative designed in the best interests of female traders has been exploited by a few individuals. Upholding the integrity of our platform, community, and principles are of utmost importance to us and these recent findings have pushed us to re-evaluate the initiative.

Dhan Team


Schemes that promote stereotypes about women (that they need a discount to use such facilities) and are based on gender discrimination shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place.

Fees should be based on factors such as income, usage, or need rather than being determined by gender stereotypes or biases.

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It was a marketing decision, an attempt to differentiate, to garner some publicity. You know it and we know it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And now they wanna get back to regular charges. Reasons reasons reasons.
As if they didn’t know this would happen when they they first announced the plan.

How will Dhan detect whether a trading account is being handled by a male or female ? Am bit curious.

i myself take help of my daughter and son while trading and operating and making decisions or face any glitches or problem while trading. i take help or ask them to assist. and share all the happy or sad moments with family. in many cases , you at first sight might feel that account is used by other family persons but such case may not be there in reality specially in our indian culture and family… so request u to go cool on such sensitive issues. may be you can lose the entire customer if u go harsh irrelevantly.

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Well it was great initiative by the dhan at the beginning regarding the brokerage. But nowadays many brokers came with no brokerage plans like shoonya and all. Indians have all the jugadu in all situation. I am not very much surprised to see this. I know this things will happen in anyway. But lets see what more is waiting.

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Why so many negative vibes here. My wife reapied the benefit. There are more women who want to sign up… If the brokerage still the same for women in 2024?