Improvement in brokerage calculator

Its really time consuming to add stock name everytime i calculate brokerage just keep it like grow and zerodha remove find the stock search box

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Hi @omkar

On Dhan we have inline Transaction Estimator, this is super seamless and right on the order placement screen so you know the details right before you place any order.

More details here: Now Live on Dhan - Transaction Estimator

@PravinJ ok so it adds live price in the buy price box but what if i am seller its not useful in that case

Hi @omkar this works for sell as well.

it works only in long position we need something like position selection buy or sell
Long postion = Live price = buy price = 10
sell price 12 works fine

short postion = live price = buy price this is not perfect here we need live price in sell price box
i hope you got what i mean