In-built integration with Tradersmith, Marketsmith & Trendlyne

  1. Request you to integrate (in-built) with Tradersmith for better Short-Term Trading Calls (For Investors). It will given an edge for Investors and frequent traders to remain invested in Dhan.

  2. Request you to integrate (in-built) with Marketsmith for better stock evaluation from both fundamental & technical perspective.

  3. Request you to integrate (in-built) with Trendlyne for better Portfolio Analysis and many other features such as screeners etc.

I hope @PravinJ and his team will once again consider about integrating such platform in Dhan.

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Had a quick glance, I am not sure if these platforms have broker integrations. Also Dhan APIs are now widely consumed, platforms can readily integrate - we will be most happy to extend any assistance that is required.

Yes, they do have broker integration. ICICI, 5paisa , Fyers, Edelweiss etc., have integrated such platforms. Just have a look into these brokers dashboard, you’ll find it how they’ve integrated.

Don’t have account with any one of them. Also as a personal rule, we don’t look at other products - it’s easy to form biases.

If Dhan can have integration with that will be amazing.