Incident Report: 28 June 2023

Quick Update:
Yesterday, on 28 June 2023 at 3:00 PM we had a few users reporting instances where their positions were not visible momentarily on Dhan. While we are identifying the root cause of this, it appears that one of the servers that showed positions on front end systems was lagging. It was rectified immediately by our teams by resetting the said server while traffic was diverted to other server instances.

Over 115,000+ concurrent users were connected to our trading systems yesterday. While our teams always do our best to run complex trading systems seamlessly, we regret and apologize that such an incident happened despite our efforts. We do have 30-35 users reporting this issue and our customer service teams are in touch with them to resolve this.

Please note that our data broadcast, trades & transaction systems continued to run normal in this while. Thank you for your continued support.




Once i have also face same issues on expiry which also get resolved by Dhan team only.

As i am not any IT person but Please make trading system smooth .

It mostly happen on expiry ( i feel so…)

Please upgrade…

Scaling our Systems and Underlying Tech & Infrastructure

@PravinJ hi, I have a suggestion in this regard

Rather than waiting for 35 users reporting here, ther were many , in fact all who suffered ( including me ) , may be once the issue was found out , may be it has to be broadcasted somewhere that the issue is fixed . Probably somewhere in app or web . To avoid confusion.

As amny users mentioned here, there is a format used by suport team, they never accept first . Later say few users reported. If it’s accepted much earlier by team itself , that’s a plus for being honest.

Nonetheless happy that it wa just a frontend issue . Orders wernt duplicated though :+1:

  1. Either create a broadcast channel where there are love updates ( not all are in twiter and community )

  2. Segregate the suport team so that there is individual interaction so they call or WhatsApp and let them know .


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Noted @pavz. We have a distributed system, built in a way that Dhan would not go down completely for all users. That happens only in case of single point of failure scenarios, which we rarely had till date.

We had evaluated broadcasting, that creates panic situation for all users, which may lead to panic buying / selling or square off for all. We do ensure that once any issue are reported we put that out and actively reach out to users and try to resolve.


Please create a dedicated official TELEGRAM group for interacting with customers in real time LIVE to deliver new updates , glitch reports etc. Most of the intraday traders remain active on telegram so they would be beniftted in real time.

Delta Exchange OFFICIALLY runs such telegram group which are PROPERLY MODERATED by their admins…You should also do the same

@PravinJ so are you saying on every expiry, there is one server which does not work properly, because I am facing this issue on almost every expiry, this is the third time, I am reporting this issue as usual first two time customer service wont even paid attention to me,

This is not justified at all, I am lost my hard earned money for no reason.

It is not only on expiry. It happens for every minor volatility also. This issue i highlighted from day 1 of Dhan but still there is no solution on that. If this core functionality is not working properly then what use of the fancy things. Instead of lying that we have distributed dedicated servers, try to face the situation.
I have withdrawn all the amount and shifted to my old broker. If you want to save your money then think on it.