Incident Report: 5th July 2023

Dear Community,

We would like to provide you with an update regarding the ongoing situation with our platform. Unfortunately, we experienced an unprecedented surge in volumes of trades and users, which resulted in some users encountering difficulties with logging in and placing orders as a result of multiple queues. The issue lasted from 09:20 AM to 09:50 AM.

While our team is actively working on scaling our systems, all our systems have been functioning at full capacity from 09:50 AM onwards today.

We are monitoring our systems and will continue to post updates to our users.


I exited but my remaining amount after loss I not yet credited

Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:

Going down twice in three days doesn’t paint a very rosy picture.
Tech issues can and will happen but if you say it is due to surge in orders and users on both occasions it doesn’t assure the clients very much until you also tell us what you’re implementing to overcome the issue.

A lot of people have bid farewell to their previous brokers because of such issues and then to see you guys after showing all the promise is disappointing to say the least.


My placed order @9:17 is not showing in open Position. How to sell that order? Who will be responsible for this issue??

@snath Please DM me your registered details.

Please DM us with your details.

What kind of information is needed?

Your registered phone number with Dhan.

Absolutely true!! Kindly work on the issue or let us know who would bare the losses?

I am very new in this community. Let me know what is the procedure of DM here?

You can click on my profile pic and click on the message icon. Send me your registered phone number with Dhan.

@snath please check now, also request you to delete the post as it has your personal details.

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Thank You for prompt response.

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Hi all,

Request you to please raise your concerns here today, we have made this thread as a single point of contact: Order and Position issue today(05/07) - #61 by RahulDeshpande.

Be assured that this post will be there on the community for all the references.

Hello everyone,


We appreciate your understanding in this matter and request your patience.

Thanks for your unwavering support.