Inconsistent rms rejections at dhan

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ ,
I have been having tough time with DHAN on 4th and 5th of December 2023 while executing my strategies with DHAN , incurred heavy losses as well. Though I have been executing my hedge legs quite in advance 10 secs prior to SELL legs , it kept on rejecting with RMS errors, not allowing PE leg to execute. I have enough margin in my account. I checked through margin calculator too. I just attached one of the instance on 5th of Dec, can be easily seen the reported times from DHAN , buy legs executed 10 mins prior to the sell leg. Kindly check.

Hi @jacharjya1978 Please share your user details with our Customer Service team on, will review the log. Only possibility is margin blocked for pending orders, however we will have team check the logs and confirm.

UCC : VPFZ33006F
Client ID : 1100255178
@PravinJ , This RMS error on fund insufficient becomes a regular occurrence with DHAN now a days. Today too I incurred a good amount of loss. Don’t have enough confidence with DHAN now.
I have sufficient fund 10 Lacs plus , which is enough to execute my strategy of 12 lots of Bank nifty iron condor, where 1 lot needs around 70 thousand , 12 lots around 9 Lacs.
Hedge legs executed way before (10 secs before) the risk legs. Still RMS throws error.

Later Even I tried with 10 lots , still has similar RMS error.
I execute the same strategy everyday , many days it goes fine. However I literally scared not sure when Dhan will give surprise . I lost 5K today.
I will raise another issue which is on no. of orders restriction over api , there also DHAN blocked my strategy , its a frustrating day with DHAN.

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The second issue today , rate limit per hour exceeded , for my Nifty Iron condor strategy , which is a simple strategy with hedges. Only trailing for sell legs on 15 % of move trail 10 percent , which is not aggressive. Not sure how DHAN arbitrarily block these executions.

Hoping a convinced response from DHAN team.

Hello @jacharjya1978

We checked logs for this order. Over here, the second sell leg (for 47400 PE) was sent while the first sell leg (48600 CE) was being executed. This is the reason for the second leg getting margin error as the hedge wasn’t created.

On the Rate Limit issue, we have already increased Non-Trading API per hour rate limit, especially for AlgoTest. We are figuring out with the Algotest team to avoid such scenarios further, and probably change API polling rates at their end.

@Hardik Thanks for responding .

  1. Will add a one sec delay for the 2nd sell leg , hope it would be seamless execution going forward.
  2. Kindly work with AlgoTest to resolve this kind of errors. It would help the community a lot.
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