Incorrect AGS XLS Report

Hey @Dhan_Help ,

Finding following issues with AGS XLS report

  1. PDF and XLS reports are not in sync. XLS report shows charges for a section even if transactions are not present for that section.

  2. Report doesn’t show total of all the charges.

  3. It would be better if numeric columns are right aligned and not left/center aligned.

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Hi @amit,

Thanks for highlighting. We will get this checked.

Dhan Customer Support

Hi @amit,

Thanks for highlighting these. To address your queries:

  1. I just checked this internally - charges do not appear in the section where transactions are not present. Will look into why you faced this in particular.
  2. The PDF and Excel was designed keeping industry standards in mind - in fact, we need to follow the standard prescribed by exchange. You can read about it here.
  3. This is a valid feedback. We will ensure all our internally-generated statements & reports follow the international standards for alignment.
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thanks @Anirudha for looking into this!