Index options chart (weekly) Old expiry charts with our desired indicators & standard time frame (1, 5, 15 min) (atleast last 2 expiry)

Hello , if u really want to do a favor for your trader community, your consumers & want to do what works for us. i request u with the bottom of my heart that plz plz Provide us or do some arrangements where we can see , analyze , and interpret “Old expiry” index options chart (weekly) with our desired indicators & standard time frame (1, 5, 15 min) (atleast last 2-3 weekly expiry if not possible more) it’s the need of the time & ours.

plz plz plz Provide this very important Chart data as after expiry,
we can analyse our mistakes, opportunities & strategies accordingly & effectively. there are other valid reasons to request this ( plz Don’t avoid saying it requires much infrastructure & data storage, if u can’t arrange more as of now, atleast Last 2-3 expiries will be fine too :pray:)

Hi @Varsha777 Not just cost - the engineering effort involved in putting this up is extremely high and it also messes up with the existing product. We will have to remove these scripts from search, index, tradable contracts, order and risk management systems and likes.

We went through a stage when lots of users raised concerns about slow charts in june/july of 2022 as data grew, chart loads went slow by 1-2 visible seconds. We had to a whole lot of engineering efforts to get them to speed.

To pull off these data features on a non-trading systems are easier, to put in a trading system is extremely difficult. Maybe at some point of time we will consider building on that lines, for now we are ensuring our core trading systems continue to become better as we scale.

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the way u hv built community site which doesn’t affect Live trading, Can’t u Put those scripts or charts to a different site which doesn’t affect live trading… atleast last 2-3 weekly expiries’ charts we need, we are not asking for more or all weekly expiries… it’s just option charts with 1 min , 5min ,15 min 1 hour data with our desired indicators. you guyz already have charts data & mecanism , just shifting & storing old expiry scripts data to new site may not be big deal for platform like Dhan but it really helps us a lot in many aspects.