Index pin is not available in app

@PravinJ @Dhan

When you are in watchlist you dont have insight of whats going on in Index. It is a basic requirement of trader but unfortunately not yet developed.
At the top there should be always an option required to pin min two indexes.

Hi @Amol, yes - we haven’t given that option and have no plans to do so. Many users still have phones screens that are smaller and it occupies quite some area there, leaving limited screen area to focus on trading.

However its easier to achieve that on Dhan app, on Dashboard - we already have Indices, on Watchlist one can add indices to the list, and in positions, one can simply group positions together and view the underlying index. Hope this helps.

Mr.pravin most of the efficient brokers are capable enough to develop the app with pin indices even smaller / bigger screen size.You had pre-decided in mind not to provide this facility for any reason.

Please kindly don’t provide these kind of silly reasons like smaller mobile screen size and all. Also adding nifty, bank nifty & fin nifty to all the watchlist pages is not a smart way.Either u can provide option to enable / disable pin indices option according to customer necessity & to his mobile screen size.
I accept core trading experience rate refreshment improved now in mobile app, but still need to focus on order execution experience faster

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Yes you are right. They came with predecided mindset to not provide this feature. If we compare with any broker almost all are providing this feature but only Dhan answering about illogical screen size issue.