Indicator combination Based ALGO for Dhan? (Options Trading)

Hey Algo Traders!

I had tried streak once and that has a good indicator combination based algo trading system and can be automated fully using a chrome plugin made by an individual to bypass SEBI Restrictions.

I want similar setup to be used for Dhan. What platform would you suggest? I tried Algotest but it doesnt have custom indicator combination based algo. Keev was not accepting my combination. Streak doesnt work with Dhan.

What platform would you suggest to make my indicator based algo work on Dhan with fully automated trading for Index Options?

You can use tradetron…@diamond

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Looks very interesting!! Thanks for the info on this! :smile:

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Definitely gonna try these! Thanks @Gangavarapu :smile:

Hey @Diamond do let me know your findings.

I am also in Market for something similar.

@Gangavarapu thanks for suggestions.

Pls give some more names.