Indices view and Scrip reflecton in Watchlist

Hello there,

I would like to request to review current setup of Scrip in watchlist and Indices button in ( and see if you could consider my suggessions

# 1 Scrip/s in Watchlist
Current view - It shows as Description which utlize more space and need to expand to see the complete name in the watchlist section which directly reduce chat area.

Suggetion - Instead of description, could this be changed to show as TICKER
Example - TCS-EQ ( Same could be checked with Other Broker Terminal)

**# 2 indices buttton in Top **
Current view - once clicked the widget pops-up on opened chart and cover majorty of chart area . Also though moveable, we cant dock in watchlist or anywhere in window so cover major area of open window as well.

Suggetion - please align/fix those inbuillt indices under WATCHLIST section and Scrip should set as Ticker rather Descrption per Point #1

Example - Please check FYERS WEB

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