Information about pledging

things are not very clear to me about pledging of ETFs as following holdings were available till yesterday to be pledged but today it is showing that midcap 150 is not available to be pledged

apart from that cash and non cash component are not very clear to me, how to decided which one to keep in our holding for cash component, as when i kept liquid bees in my holding but it was shown as “no available for pledging”
so can you make this clear which ETFs are going to be in cash component and which one will be for non cash component and whether it will be available for pledging or no

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Hi @ankitch29

Nippon India Nifty Midcap 150 ETF is available for the pledge. We need to check your specific case. Could you please share your details in DM or at

Additionally, here is a list where you can find scripts categorized as cash components or non-cash components.

can you please tell me if i want to buy govt. bonds so that i can use them for pledging, how can i place an order for that as i tried buying one but response was “Response for Rejection
EXCH:17182: Security not traded market order not allowed.”
let me share the screen shot of it to be clear

i tried placing order for more than one time, so can you help regarding it.

Hi @ankitch29

It seems due to low volatility in this particular script the market order was rejected from the exchange end, you can place the limit order.

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i have seen in other posts that for pledging, the liquidity of a security to be pledged should be good. but in case bonds i have seen that hardly any G-sec is liquid.
so can i know the liquidity criteria so that i can choose G-sec bond to get the margin benefit by pledging.


You can check the market depth to get an idea of buyers and sellers for placing market orders. Alternatively, limit orders should be good.

that i already know, but suppose i check the list published by you for pledging and i bought any gov bond which was mentioned there to get the benefit of cash margin
scenario 1- lets say the liquidity of bond is low, will it be available for pledging ???
scenario 2- it liquidity is good at the time of pledging but later on, its liquidity reduces then how is it going to affect the margin benefit.
please elaborate so that i can make decision accordingly