Inspiring #MadeForTrade stories of Women Traders

Hello All,

Women’s Day holds a special place in our hearts. We bought in the inspiring stories of Top Women in Finance last year and you all gave us lots of love.

This year, we bring you the inspiring stories of Swati Baxi, Mukta Dhamankar & Bhagyashree Phatak and the stories of how they realised they are madefortrade

Swati Baxi:

Swati Baxi is a homemaker, mother, wife, marathon runner & a Trader.

Mukta Dhamankar:

Homemaker, mother, wife & a trader full time. Mukta’s believes discipline is the key to her success in the stock markets & in her life. Watch the video to know more on her inspiring journey .

Bhagyashree Phatak:

Imagine starting in the markets at 40 and a youtube channel at 65 years. Bhagyashree Ma’am’s journey is nothing short of an inspiration. Her constant endeavour of improving herself and being on top of the whats happening in the markets is what helped her in her trading journey. “Till my last breathe, I will be trading” is how she concludes her love for markets.

Her interview is in Marathi, but we have added english subtitles. Don’t miss this.

We hope these stories will inspire many women to participate in the markets.