Instant order quantity changes to 1

Recently I have migrated from Fyers. And quite happy with all you guys are providing. But I have noticed one little thing which I am missing as a trader. Instant Order tab’s quantity changes to 1 in Dhan if chart is reloaded or re logined. But in Fyers it stays whatever quantity you put there even if re login. It would be very helpful if that quantity dosen’t change. As a trader these kind of little things saves so much. Thank you. Hope you guys look into this matter.
Screenshot 2023-01-16 2.25.03 PM

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Hi @Ruchand4, Thanks for the note - yes, this seems very helpful. I would personally prefer it that way. Will try to have this incorporated.


Today I faced problem due to this. I was scalping and after punching my order I realised that instead of 10 lots I just got 1 lot. Price went in favour of me but I made very little due to this issue. It feels bad to miss great opportunities. Request to solve this issue.

Thank you Sir for listening to our problems. Instant order quantity issue solved. Really appreciate your hard work.

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