"Instant orders" through tv.dhan gets late executions multiple times due to lagging/failing orders/or just stuck after clicking buy sell button & just show processing dots for 40-50 seconds in tv.dhan

Hello , @PravinJ
Most of the time , in volatile moves , Instant orders which placed & executed through tv.dhan gets stuck multiple times…
“for me this is the serious - very serious issue…” !

as i keep one CE & One PE ready to scalp , according to my strategies & patterns… i need to enter quickly & need to exit quickly & Shift the other side {EVERYTIME IS MUST , not just few time - Everytime iS MUST} one/two late executions due to lagging/failing orders/delaying in execution or stuck after clicking buy sell button in instant orders spoils the whole scalping advantage & easily converts into missing Opportunity or affects the further decisions or converts into a loss making trade. (i remember multiple examples when i had large quantities, just because of the brokers lagging issue only , i incurred losses mutliple times due to lagging issue so plz take it seriously)

From manydays i am observing. tv.Dhan works fine in normal scenario and out of 10 approx 7 times working fine and good . agree but when volatility is there or at some random time , when we need the most , instant orders placed by clicking buy sell buttons , just getting stuck for few seconds (25- 30-40-60 seconds) and price we get at a time of instant order placement is also different from the execution… {very serious issue when qty is there} . everytime i need to refresh the browser , load my preferred layout for that setup and it may work smoothly for few minutes and then don’t know again when it gets stuck for 40-50 seconds.

when this happens or whenver this happened in the past, i already have positions to manage and our browsers & setups already running so it’s not that much possible for me to video recording this as when i start enabling screen recording or try to save , it may have executed the late orders & my buying or selling button click can’t be the part of that video. so u don’t get the problem even if i manage to do record. coz in live market currently i can’t just keep recording everytime i trade. nd it’s not fix when will this happen to us.

today i manage to screenshot 1 error (which i am attaching) but missed another screenshot of the 2nd problem… in which order stucking problem happens in which after placing buy or sell button… there are 3-4 dots which come above the clicked button.

           here is the screenshot or 1st problem 

check the errors and error codes in left side corner.
Due to my other positions nd live market couldn’t manage to have screenshot of 2nd problem which i mentioned above side.

plz resolve these issues of instant orders nd inform us after the resolution or improvements. thanks in advance !

Hi @Varsha777

Thanks for highlighting this, it’s a very rare scenario our team is working on this to optimize our order execution speed

@Divyesh @PravinJ
i request u to look dip into the problems which i mentioned above. (not just few things) , and believe me , i am facing these problems manytimes in TV.DHAN as well as fyers too (hence i left fyers)
sir request u to plz Don’t just quote above message with very rare scenario only… No it’s not a rare scenario for tv.dhan users at all! i, myself have faced this situation of lagging/delaying or stucking bid ask button prb in order execution manytimes. & it’s totally unbearable problem sir !!

we are listening From quite a few days that you are improving order execution problem & team is working on this… then why such things keep repeating to your beloved customers ??

i request u sir to give very first priority to such problems not just saying rare scenario and team is working… JUST DELIVER , so we don’t witness lagging/delaying or stucking in instant orders atleast !!!

Hi @Varsha777 we always look at any concern that is raised. Back in Feb & March, in each of two months we had an issue (one each month) where orders sending to exchange was lagged because of one very large order getting executed resulting in queue of orders, while it was resolved in minutes. Today, same thing happen for your order - a very large order got executed on the order management system, and it resulted in error above. Post March, we restructured a lot of things and now process orders in several multiple queues, to ensure order execution remains seamless. This actually is a very very rare scenario now, but that aside we will add up instances to further make this better.

@PravinJ sir thanks for replying ,

here i want to clear that i am not only talking about the orders which get rejected or get error & not able to execute. "here i am also talking about , late executions due to lagging/delaying in execution or after clicking buy sell button , it stucks for 30-40 seconds in instant orders ,

These problems need to be addressed and fixed well. and yeahh i myself is witnessing improvements in Dhan overall user interface but i genuinely highlighting the said problem. hope u test heavily in a volatile market with multiple layouts & tabs open!

and till now i love the overall experience & efforts from Dhan so hope , the above problems will also get resolved at the earliest.

Hi @Varsha777

We have updated & optimized this scenario, request you to check now and do share your experience with us.