Integration with TradeZella Trading journal platform

Hi team Dhan
requesting you to please made Integration with tradezella (World’s best-advanced trade journal platform)
As Dhan always look for new and advanced tools to help a trader to enhance their trading
As Dhan as Indias first broker who allow us to trade directly from tradingview with interagations i though this is the second best opportunity to integration with Tradezella currently form india only zerodha brokers are on the way to Integration with Tradezella i kindly request you team please u also look into this to make this integration possible that will help a lot the Dhan trader community
i am providing the platform link - #1 Trading Journal (

I hope soon we can see Dhan Integration with Tradezella

They have very advanced and good tools please look into this I am also requesting the dhan community members who is reading this post if you think this Integration will help you please comment below this post


Hello @Rohitsingh

We will definitely look into TradeZella and possibilities of integrating with them. At DhanHQ, our APIs are absolutely open for platforms and tools to integrate.


This is a wonderful idea and would be game changing for Dhan as well. Please team, do check them out.

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Yes this will game changer for Dhan and trader’s also

We hope this will happen soon

While on this topic, Dhan is integrated with Anastrat: AnaStrat Trading Journal & Analytics: Now live for Super Traders of Dhan

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Yes i agree i am already using Anstrat, but this platform is much more advanced that’s why i suggest you


Please prioritize the TradeZella integration feature. It will be a great help to our super traders.

TradeZella is an advanced journaling tool & it is sad to know that Anastrart is shut down. However, the Tradezella team is happy to join Dhan I already talked with them, and Zerodha is also in the process of joining.

Dhan is a trading platform that is focused on providing advanced technology and features to its clients.

I believe that the TradeZella integration would be a valuable addition to Dhan, and I urge you to consider it.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Great, their UI looks really good. Hope they have a pricing tailored for India users, the dollar prices looks scary.

Hi @PravinJ

Due to the large number of providers linked to Dhan, users occasionally are unaware of third parties offering services on top of Dhan.

Could I recommend creating a special webpage in the site where these verified Dhan patners are listed along with a brief explanation of the integration and links to their websites or contact information?

Similar to companies providing the directory of their partners ex IBM


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Hi @Rohitsingh,

I am also hunting for a good, reasonably priced and platform honest about the whereabouts of their offices and personnel.

Had a quick check on Tradezilla, do we know who is behind this platform? There is no office address or name on the website, which is strange.

There is a website called that advertises complete integration with Dhan and Zerodha. With occasional sales and coupons, their pricing likewise appears to be reasonable, but I have the same complaint about their lack of identity transparency. The whereabouts of the offices and the identities of the people behind the platform are concealed.

Since we are using their platforms to share our sensitive financial information, it is important for us as users to be aware of who is using them and what their identity is. Dont want to get this information in hands of unknow guys or worse chinese run ghost companies.

Another platform is, that is highly well-liked in the west. I hope they also provide some integration with Dhan.

Most of this providers should have some India specific pricing otherwise their dollar pricing will not have much takers and thus not sustainable.

Let me know if you find some good ones which is transparent and good pricing, till then I guess Excel for me :slight_smile:


Hi @rustam

You can see all the partners who we have integrated with available on this page:

We also provide the chance for all our community members to have a direct conversation with the CEO/CXO of the partners we integrate with on our community.

Though we will surely think of bringing a common page or a category for all our partners to be listed on to our community only for easier access.


Hello @rustam @Rohitsingh

Our APIs are open for any and every platform to integrate and build on top of it. We have been working in this direction continuously so that each Dhan user can access platform of their choice.

And as pointed out by @RahulDeshpande, we have listed all Trade Journal platforms on our website and couple of others are in pipeline too.

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He is the person behind the Tradezella
Umar Ashraf - YouTube


Hi @Hardik , glad to have stumbled across this thread. Are there any updates on the integration with TradeZella?
I am in desperate need of a solid trading journal software and none come close to TradeZella.
Pls update, also is there any way how we as users can help make this process faster?

Hello @luv

Welcome to Dhan Community!

At Dhan, we have our Open APIs available for all platforms to integrate with. There are currently 70+ platforms integrated with Dhan!

We are happy to integrate with TradeZella, but the integration needs to happen from TradeZella end. We will try to reach out to their team. Meanwhile, if you are already a user of TradeZella, you can ask their team to integrate with Dhan as well.

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Hi @Hardik, thanks for your reply. I am in touch with the team let me see how I can fast track this.

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TradeZella conversation

Update - have shared my exported trade history with the TradeZella team. Awaiting their response. I am thinking I shall be taking periodic updates from them. If other can do the same, it would be great!

Their e-mail IDs are -

Hi @Hardik, please let me know if anybody has reached out to the TradeZella team from Dhan.
Kind request to expedite. Thanks a ton.

Hello @luv

Yes, we have tried to reach out to their team, awaiting their reply. Will update you as soon as we have something.

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