Introduced Expired Index Option historical Chart

Index option is one of the most traded product in NSE yet as the option expired the whole contract got deleted from the system, we can’t plot the chart after the expiry even If we want to see, to identify mistake or oppurtunity or just to see how it played! or try our new system on historical data and test if it help us doget the bullet or not for our new system
Example if we want to see how Index options has played on the Nirmala Sitaraman Candle day or NoteBondi Announcement day or Brexit announcement day or on 21 Septemeber 2018 when Nifty crashed 500 points intraday, we cant because no data is availble to see.

and before you say Most brokers offer Free API, let me remind you Mejority Retail trader does not know coding and neither have data to backtest their stretegy.

Does Dhan has any plan to introduce Historical option data for Nifty and Banknifty index?

Capturing and storing the streaming data and providing user to plot it will not incure any extra cost for Dhan as well.
As of now no other broker provide it except Icharts Option Platform.

As being the largest trading instrument, it will be very helpful if we can plot expired option chart selecting expiry from drop down menu. Like shown in the Image below.


निफ्टि futures मध्ये 29 एप्रिल, 2022 पर्यंतचाच डेटा उपलब्ध आहे, त्या मागील डेटा (historical data) धनवर उपलब्ध होईल की तेवढ्यासाठी fyers किंवा tradingviwe चे चार्टस बघायचे?

Bro you can try Anastart platform which just
Made a webinar with Dhan
There they provide the historical chart of the taken trade by us (option trade)

This is the site 30 day free for dhan user

This is the video of webinar

Very much in need of this… every week , the charts are gone for forever, we can’t analyse later on, we can’t see again ever ! , We can’t rectify or realise our mistake later on , we can’t observe with new aspects whenever we want…

atleast ye chiz to kar do ki hum last 6 months ki weekly expiry ke ATM or near ITM (2 ITM strikes) k charts with our desired indicators expiry k baad bhi dekh paye… i request u plz atleast do this,
Doing this won’t take lots of things from u… no matter if u give us separate URL or portal of old weekly expiry charts if u can’t show them in tv.dhan !

it’s a win win for us… plz do this ! we don’t get this anywhere else except 1-2 paid websites! Give your Traders a Power to analyse.

@PravinJ this too , no help ! No concern…

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Hi @Varsha777 @Sankha

The primary objective of broker is to provide smooth transaction facility. Our sole focus is always to provide best in class trading facility or any tools/data/insights which is required in real time to make traders take better decision.

I understand requirement but it has very limited use-case and mostly done by data vendors or charting platforms. We will definitely deliberate on this subject with our teams.

PS- Storing weekly options is infrastructure heavy task.

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Looking for the same. If providing charts is not possible, at least provide the data in some files (like in CSV)

Hi @rsohlot welcome to Dhan Community. As mentioned by @Naman, this is a use-case for data vendors. It’s not a primary use-case from stock broking platforms and to my knowledge only NSE registered data vendors who have redistribution rights for data can provide this.

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