Introducing: A Faster Way to Refer to Dhan with your QR

We had a phenomenal last year for all of us at Dhan, specially with the vibrant community members and users of our platforms sharing suggestions and feedback for us to improve.

With your suggestions, we have launched many features (some of them being industry first) like Transaction Estimator, Reverse Orders, Instant Withdrawal, Auto Slicing of Iceberg orders, Trader Controls, Trading Directly from, Web Hooks, and much more. You can read more about our launches for the next couple of months here Upcoming Features on Dhan: for Jan & Feb 2023 - #9 by PravinJ.

We also conducted many Dhan Meet & Greet events where we met with 3500+ traders & investors across India. While meeting with them, there was something common that we noticed - most of them found out about Dhan either through a friend, family member or some acquaintance. This made us realise that over the last year and even today, we continue to grow majorly through word of mouth and we even saw this in our statistics - over 55% of our users discover Dhan through friends or organically.

To make sharing us with your friends even easier, we now introduce Scan to Refer- a simpler way to refer your loved ones with a personalised QR code. Your friends can just use any QR reader on their smartphone and start their journey on Dhan within seconds by scanning your personalised QR. This feature is now available in the side menu of your Dhan app.

As always, the rewards remain the same. Earn 20% of the brokerage generated by your friends for a lifetime! New to Dhan? Read more about our referral program here.

At Dhan we fiercely observe & listen to our users and with every launch we aim to give our users everything that they require to use our platforms effectively. In exchange we have received immense support from our users and we are super grateful for that. We hope you keep referring us to your friends and enjoy the rewards from it!

You can also refer to this video for better understanding

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