Introducing: AlphaView on Dhan

Now track your performance as an investor or daily P&L as a trader, in real time.

Very often, as traders and investors, we are eager to know our portfolio performance in comparison with overall markets. In fact, as you may already be aware, majority fund managers and market enthusiasts always compare their performance with indices as a benchmark.

Keeping this in mind, we thought, why not give our users a similar experience where they can compare their portfolio or daily trades with market indices in Real Time.

Extremely happy to introduce this industry first feature: Alpha View. This allows Dhan users to track their Live performance against all major NSE & BSE indices.

So how does it work?

  • Enable the AlphaView toggle button under Manage Profile → Manage Market Games
  • Your performance will be evaluated and will be displayed on the home screen
  • If you beat any indices, you will be able to check individual indices you have beaten
  • Look out for the Star Symbols as the number of stars will showcase how your portfolio is doing, the more the stars, the more the number of indices beaten :slight_smile:

Not to forget, you can also share your performance with your friends, family or performers.

Which Indices are we taking into consideration ?

  • AlphaView will compare your portfolio performance against all the indices, and will list out the indices you have outperformed
  • Option to toggle between BSE / NSE indices

We are sure that you will love the Alpha View experience to check how your portfolio is faring against the indices in real time!

Please note:

  1. Option to switch on Alpha view from settings will only be available post placing your first trade/making your first investment.
  2. Alpha view report will be available for viewing only until midnight at 12 AM on the day on which it is generated. Post that the page will expire and a new one will have to be generated.

Enjoy the Dhan experience, now with AlphaView. As always, feedback is welcomed at Dhan.

Thanks & Regards,
Product - Dhan

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इथे alpha view नाहीये.

Hi @nnJhavarePatil. We checked with a few other users and it is working for them. Could you please share your client code along this screenshot with us on We will get this checked.

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Thank you for bringing this up. We are getting this checked on priority.

Dear @yagneshwara @nnJhavarePatil , as checked, you do not have holdings or positions in your Dhan account, thus you are not able to view the option of switching on Alpha View in settings. This will get activated as soon as you place your first trade/ make your first investment. Have accordingly mentioned that in the above article as well to avoid further confusion. Hope this clarifies! Let us know in case of any further queries.

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@Pranita हो ताई समजलं.
धन्यवाद :pray::blush:
धनची टीम खूपच तत्पर आहे… आणि विशेष म्हणजे तुम्ही लोकं प्रत्येक query ला समाधानकारक उत्तर देताय.
फक्त आम्ही लोकांनी दिलेल्या तक्रारी आणि सुचवलेल्या सुधारणांना अनुसरून लवकरात लवकर अपडेट द्या म्हणजे झालं.
धन्यवाद आणि आभार :pray: