Introducing: Analyse Positions with Pay-Off Graph on Options Trader

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If you’ve been trading long enough, you’d be aware that pay-off graphs were not easily accessible for Options Traders until recently. Of course, there were a handful of platforms that used to charge hefty subscription fees, either monthly or yearly plans.

At Dhan we consistently have brought newer and innovative products and features, and in line with the same we are humbled to also mention that Dhan is the first tech driven stock trading and investing platform that brought a dedicated Options Trading platform on app, and recently on web and also introduced a Custom Strategy Builder with Pay-Off graphs on Options Trader web, completely free of charge for our users.

We have got an overwhelming response for the Options Trader platform. Traders have shared their feedback and a lot of feature requests. All of us at Dhan closely read and go through all your notes, suggestions, feedbacks and requests. One such feature request was regarding the analysis of Open Positions with Pay-off graphs.

We heard you!
Introducing Position Analyser with Pay-Off Graph on Options Trader web.

This feature is specifically for an executed strategy for which traders want to track both real time & extrapolated P&L with a pay-off graph. Usually, traders execute multiple strategies of the same underlying (say two strategies of NIFTY). Once it is executed, Position Analyser will show the combined pay-off graph of both the strategies.

To access this feature, you should have open positions for futures & options. Go to Positions tab, you will see a “Analyse” button on the top-right corner. Click on the button, an overlay will appear with all underlying instruments of open positions. Select the desired instrument and all the legs/positions of that underlying will open with the pay-off graph. You can check & uncheck to individual legs to get more clarity or differentiate between two strategies.

With the pay-off graph, you can adjust the spot price & target date basis of your strategy. This pay-off graph, as on the strategy builder has three lines - Expiry line, Today line & Target line. Read more about this here:

More info like Max Profit, Max Loss, Risk-Reward Ratio Breakeven Points, along with combined Greeks of open position are also available. Additionally, there are two more data sets - Potential Upside & Potential Downside. These points tell you how much more gain or loss is possible on your open position.

As we have always said, this is just an early version of Options Trader & Strategy Builder. We will continuously improve and bring more value adding features. For now, kindly share your feedback about this & let us know where else you would like to have a pay-off graph on our platform.

Till then, trade like a Super Trader on Dhan!


Sir , This is a very good feature I am waiting long time. Please Add it to basket order which will help me to analyze before taking any trade . Thank you

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Is this available for web version also?

It’s available on Options Trader Web -

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Thankyou @shraddha
I have already given a feedback on this.

Projected price alongside profit should also be shown.
And time factor alongside date should also be there.

A 15 min granular should also do.

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Hey Dhan :heart: Thanks For This Amazing Tool ! But when I can expect IV chart ???

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when will we get USDINR support in the options trader web app? Also after adjustments payoff doesn’t really work. Last need a market depth tool that supports placing/ changing limit orders (like other popular payoff software).

Hello Dhan,

  1. when can we expect this feature in options mobile app
  2. Can we set alerts for overall P/L status of current positions?