Introducing: Custom Timeframes on TradingView charts for Dhan

Hello Traders,

At Dhan, we have always been at the forefront of setting industry benchmarks with our Products and Features that are tailored for Traders. Our integration of TradingView charts on Dhan (First in India) is a prime example of this commitment to innovation. Our continued focus on enhancing the charting experience is evident with the frequent launch of features, from new indicators and drawing tools to charting canvas and various chart types.

Recently, we achieved the seemingly impossible task of introducing second charts on Dhan (another First in India), a highly requested feature that required building an entirely new charting architecture from scratch. The response has been phenomenal, we are seeing traders actively using seconds charts, specially ones into scalping and intraday traders looking for early breakouts on charts on shorter timeframes.

Furthermore, we have tailored our charts to cater specifically to Indian traders, by introducing timeframes like 25 minutes, 75 minutes, and 125 minutes to align with our market hours. And now, we’re taking our charting capabilities to the next level by introducing custom time frames on the charts.

Now, with Custom TimeFrames you have the flexibility to apply your preferred time-frame in Minutes, Hours, Days, and Weeks on TradingView charts across all our platforms - Dhan, Options Trader, TradingView console ( It’s incredibly straightforward – you can simply start typing the desired numerical value directly on the chart. For instance, if you enter β€˜x’, where β€˜x’ can be any number up to 600, you’ll instantly have access to a chart with an β€˜x’ minute timeframe.

Custom Timeframe

Alternatively, you can access this feature by clicking on the timeframe section located in the top menu. Scroll down to find a new tab that allows you to specify a number, time unit (minutes, hours, days, or weeks), and then click β€˜Add’. This custom timeframe will be added to the list, and you can readily apply it to your chart.

Timeframe dropdown

With custom time frames on Dhan, you can do studies for any minute candles with your drawings and indicators. Not just this, you can mark your own timeframes as favourites, to quickly select whenever you are on charts and want customizability.

We are soon adding other highly requested indicators and library updates too, so stay tuned.

Till then, Happy Trading!

– Hardik


Good work team in implementing new features :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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Excellent work!!! :+1::+1:

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Great work team!!!

Please look into my request as well. It will serve many traders.

very nice update team dhan.
please check chartiq chart also…
compare screipt not working in chartiq.
please dont ignore chartiq @Hardik

Hi @Hardik , It is a great feature. I request you to provide custom seconds timeframe as well. It would be a great help if dhan can provide this custom feature in seconds timeframe.

Hi @Kundan Welcome to Dhan community.

Well, it takes a lot to deliver seconds timeframes the way we do it now in terms of tech infrastructure. To do custom feature in seconds, would require us to charge for this feature and will be on an extremely higher side. We are good for now with current options on charting timeframes, do not want o add extra fees to our users.

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Hi Kundan,

Just out of curiosity, do you want this custom seconds timeframe for banknifty trading?