Introducing Dark Mode on Dhan Web App

Traders spend most of their time in front of their screen and it’s stressful, we get it. While we have launched features that help you trade better, we are continuing our efforts to upgrade our web trading platform for a better user experience.

Welcome to Dark Mode on the web :slight_smile:

Most traders already know it’s the best so we won’t comment much on this one.

How to enable this?
In your My Profile section on Dhan, you will see the option to toggle between dark mode & day mode.

Dhan looks beautiful in dark mode, and we feel these small little features make investing & trading experiences better. We love building these for you, do keep sharing your feedback with us. :raised_hands:


Cool please make desktop app like tradingview

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Feedback noted @ravishahane

@shraddha - Hi
I am a new user and don’t see option to toggle to DARK THEME
Pls can someone help!!!

Step 1: Hover over your profile name at the top right corner of the screen and you should see a menu.

Step 2: Click on my profile on Dhan in that menu.

Step 3: Toggle dark mode in bottom left corner of the screen.

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Thanks I was able to change it using these steps!!
On web browser pls see if scrolling through the webpage can be made user friendly. Scroll bar doesn’t appear for me in web page. Just a suggestion.

Our web experience is architected bit differently. We have few users who have requested this, seems like a small one but it is not. We will, at some point look into this.