Introducing: Dhan Python API Library for Trading APIs

Please provide the documentation too

Hello @Dhanu

Welcome to Dhan Community! It’s exciting to see increasing no. of individual contributors and traders using DhanHQ APIs.

We are in the process of adding detailed documentation soon for our Python library as well on DhanHQ.

@Dhanu @stanly_thomas @bsjhala
We have added Python Library documentation along with the new library. Check out the detailed post here:

Hi Pravin
Yes it is regarding data feed
I have excel based trade management system which I showed a demo in Kandivali office 8-9 months ago. The file was working on Fyers login but I wanted it to modify to match it with Dhan’s feed.
But came to know that it requires web-socket.

It was almost at completion stage in the month of February

But testing took another month to rollout

I had word with Vishal last month at Kandivali office.
He said MCX feed is pending and Dhan would like to rollout all segments at once.

since then there is no update.

is there any video provided by Dhan to understand API and Algo trading better , any video to start from

Hi @hustler

We have a video series on DhanHQ Youtube channel on how to get started with DhanHQ APIs, you can watch that here: (How to use an API? DhanHQ API Documentation Tutorial for Beginners in the Stock Market | Dhan - YouTube)

Hello @sac777

Yes. The team is working on getting Live Market Feed over websocket for API users. However, there has been unforeseen delays here, due to the recent MCX trading platform migration.

Rest assured, our team is working to ship this soon. We will keep you updated here on the community as soon as we are live with this.


I posted detailed reply from my laptop
Replies are not seen when I access the community page on Mobile phone